by HelloPigu

Artwork with frame measures 25 x 20cm and ships worldwide.

100% by HelloPigu (2020)
Acrylic air-dry clay and found cardboard
Signed by the artist

Artwork description:
Exhibited as part of A Most Absurd Guide exhibition, in collaboration with UltraSuperNew Gallery.


HelloPigu (b. 1992) is humour and light-heartedness in a bao (Chinese bread roll) you didn’t know you were missing.

Founded upon the belief that both, good and bad, stories must be shared; HelloPigu injects fun and stupidity into the everyday occurrences of her idiosyncratic character, PiguBao.

More recently, HelloPigu has travelled out of the realms of digital illustrations and is taking full form by foraying into the physical world with murals and paintings.