MAMA MAGNET was founded to create greater public access to a diversity of art, ideas and perspectives - whether cultural, social or digitally-relevant. Through public programming and counter-culture archiving, we create offline and online encounters for the community to navigate unconventional futures.

We collaborate with our eclectic network of artists, developers and programmers to strategize multimedia artistic approaches in the form of exhibitions, interactions and residencies. We partner with agents of change in organisations, institutes and festivals on curatorial commissioning projects.

Our scope of work includes:
  • Conceptualising visual art productions,
  • Creating interactive exhibit expriences,
  • Immersive storytelling using creative technology,
  • Artist network and artwork development,
  • Creative project management,
  • Space activation through art.

MAMA MAGNET is founded by curator Tulika Ahuja. Through cross-disciplinary experiments and collaborations, she is focussed on bringing visual art and culture to the masses. 


Clients and Collaborators