Year: October - November 2018

Collaborators: Sucklord, Kult gallery, Flabslab

Services: Curation

Andy Heng for ToysREvil
Amanda Chai for SG Mag

Self-christened as the reigning king of Bootleg, The Sucklord presented a retrospective showcase at Kult gallery curated by Tulika Ahuja.

The exhibition represented the totality of the artist’s medium of bootleg figures in card-back packaging, offering ruthless commentary on themes like food, pornography, politics and celebrities. His army of crudely funny yet awfully bona fide work included the iconic neon pink Stormtrooper (affectionately known as the Homotrooper Bootleg) and new one-off collaborative pieces with Asian pop artists Mojoko, Daniel Yu, Quiccs and Kabuki Master. Unwholesome parodies on contemporary subjects such as memes, online dating and Lady Gaga were, unsurprisingly, not excluded from the conversation.