Year: June - December 2020

Collaborators: Reza Hasni,
Tiong Hong Siah (Screensavers),
Tengo LaFirma, Degeha,
Tulika Ahuja, Brilliant Prints,
National Arts Council 

Services: Curation, partnerships

It’s Nice That
Adobo Mag

CENTRE FOR ALTERED TOGETHERNESS (www.c-a-t.world) is a journey through six illustrated virtual worlds created by artist Reza Hasni, interaction design studio Screensavers and sound designer Tengo La Firma in collaboration with MAMA MAGNET. Use arrow keys or W A S D to navigate, and spacebar to jump. Best experienced on desktop. 

Set in a time of expanding cyberspace, C-A-T invites participation from users as they upload their consciousness in an avatar, then roam freely and interact with other visitors. It is a nod to the idea that while individuals may face social experiences together, they have different paths and encounters - informed by their personal context.

Built completely virtually during the COVID-19 lockdown, the experience offers connection with ideas of altered togetherness. If you see other avatars online, please be kind.

CENTRE FOR ALTERED TOGETHERNESS is online on www.c-a-t.world. Fine art prints are available on our web shop

CENTRE FOR ALTERED TOGETHERNESS (C-A-T) - Walkthrough online from Reza Hasni.

Podcast diving deep into the process of building Centre for Altered Togetherness

Launch on 7 Aug 2020 

DDoS Attack on 8 Aug 2020

C-A-T Travels to mihn 宀 gallery Hong Kong for its first physical showcase

Behind The Screens