Nov 2021 - January 2022

Cats On Crack, Tulika Ahuja, Reza Hasni, Kin Leonn,
Ashley Erianah, Rin Tachihara, New World Plaza,
Shivram,  Iman, Kirti, Nicole Tan, Van Lim,
Eduardo Enrique, Juan Qi An, BCube

Curation, User Experience, Cultural Strategy, Production

Selected Press:
Adobo Magazine, Mixmag Asia, Straits Times, Female Mag

Inspired by Singapore’s prescribed relationship with happiness, we built a ‘Happy House’ comprising short films and visual responses from 20 invited artists, alongside happy memories submitted by the community in exchange for $1. With social media constantly selling us ideas of happiness 24/7, the project is a platform to enquire and inspire where happiness can be found. Is there happiness in the pursuit of happiness today?

Happy House premiered at Singapore Art Week 2022, taking on a phygital hybrid form – a warehouse takeover at Tanjong Pagar Distripark (14 - 23 January) as well as an online Instagram vault on happyhouse.sg. It is an ongoing study into the state of happiness.