Infinite play
I just want to lie down everyday

by Soph O x Tulika Ahuja

Ships worldwide.

20 pp zine
Digital print on transparency and spray paint on art card, masking tape and stitch binding

Printed in 2022 

Artwork description:
Put together during Soph O’s third solo exhibition, Infinite Play Overspray I just want to lie down everday, this is a compilation of aura artworks in print, plus text composed and edited in tandem with the public viewing of the exhibtion. 


soph O (b. 1984) is a Singaporean visual art maker and amateur carpenter. Intrigued by the way our eyes capture light and colour, she explores how paint can create shifts and movements on flat surfaces spanning from hard edge abstraction to painterly oversprays. She currently works on walls, paper, woood, and the resulting “oversprays, distortions and fragments”.