Year: 26 March - 25 April 2021

SainouSpace, Derrick Tay, Ouke
Patricia Thebez, Herman Shah

Services: Curation

Adobo Mag

A new exhibition of paintings by Indonesian artist Patricia Thebez, curated by MAMA MAGNET and presented in collaboration with SainouSpace.  

The paintings are presented chronologically, and map Patricia's 10-year journey being diagnosed with bipolar disorder, finding stability, and now exploring her freedom. Using a medium of watercolours, acrylic, colour pencils and ink, since 2010, Thebez has turned to spontaneously making marks and patterns on paper to express her moods and cope with her condition. Wildflower is the artist’s first solo exhibition. It also features a specially-designed soundscape by Singaporean musicians Derrick Tay and Ouke.

Book a slot to visit the show till 25 April 2021: https://calendly.com/sainouspace/wildflower

Artworks are available for sale on our webstore

Patricia Thebez (b. 1989) is an artist based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Earlier in her life, she pursued fashion design as she was always intrigued by the relationship humans have with their bodies and identities. She began exploring watercolor and abstract painting as a means to cope with her bipolar disorder. She finds the process of mark making calming, spontaneous, and liberating. She gravitates towards free form and colors, which allow her to engage in an honest dialogue.

In her works, she explores her subconscious and invites everyone to immerse themselves in her reality. 'Wildflower' is an extension of this meditative experiment. During the process, she had the opportunity to build a routine by playing and spending more time outdoors to improve her mental health condition. Trying to change the usual patterns or habits that were formed in her mind, Patricia tries to break free in Wildflower.