February 2023

UltraSuperNew, Nabs, Rafi Abdullah, The Upside Space, Rudi Hermawan

Gallery, Web3


‘A Most Absurd Guide’ is Mama Magnet’s ongoing research into the wonders and disorders of contemporary conditioning. One part of it unfolds as a digital exhibition on a tech-cultural platform, The Upside Space, in line with their curator-led approach.

Six artists across Southeast Asia sprinkle their own pungent essence of attitudes, feelings and reflexive perceptions in their digital works. The narratives draw from their own personal experiences with belonging to our many divides: subcultures, nationalities, genders, etc. You may find relatability in some of the works, while others may come across as silly. 

Visit the exhibition here.

Featured Artists:
Donald Abraham (b. 1981, Malaysia)
HelloPigu (b. 1992, Singapore)
Rudi Hermawan (b. 1983, Indonesia)
Sekeraputi Sidhiawati (b. 1986, Indonesia)
Soika Vomiter (b. 1990, Philippines)
Vendy Methodos (b. 1982, Indonesia)

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