Wellbeing and Arts Participation

June - September 2023

Gaetan Boisson, Tulika Ahuja, Natasha Lau, Tanvi Rajvanshi, Shrub, Fern, Afiq Ayub, Empyreal, Becky, Dawn, Godwin

Live, Gallery


Our contribution to the academic circuit is at the intersection of arts, wellbeing, youth and social media. We were surprised to find that research on mental health involving the perspectives of creative and cultural workers had not been conducted in Singapore. And set out to change that.

This was an eight-month research stint funded by NUS’ Mind Art Experiential Lab, during which we spoke with around 140 participants who actively attend art events and/or make art themselves. Interviews were held at local zine & merchandise store, Shrub, amongst an exhibition display by local artists themed around meanings of happiness. Our motivations are to encourage building a more sustainable arts ecosystem in Singapore.

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