Mama Magnet curates and facilitates
multimedia art, collaborating closely
with a diverse mix of artists.

Mama Magnet is an independent co-creator specialising in conceptulisation, curation and storytelling for multimedia art experiences. Collaborating closely with an eclectic mix of artists, technologists and producers, we invent playful encounters for our audience to navigate unconventional futures.

Our output takes undisciplined forms such as installations, exhibitions, research labs, residencies, murals, web interactions and print publications. Our practice seamlessly blends cultural strategy with art programming, artist management and audience immersion.

We are based in Amsterdam and Singapore, and operate with multilateral creative links worldwide. Are you a brand, festival or in need of art interaction? Write to us at


︎Cultural Creative Strategy ︎ Curation ︎ Art Programming ︎ Concept Development ︎ Building Story Universes ︎ Audience Immersion ︎ Brand Positioning ︎ Communications Strategy ︎ Artist Network ︎ Resource Sharing ︎ Creative Project Management