Mama Magnet is an independent consultancy
for cultural strategy, collaborative
and curatorial intervention.

We build audience journeys and multi-media art experiences that explore social, ecological and/or mystical conversations of our current time. We empower artistic agency, while creating encounters for the community to navigate unconventional futures.

Collaborating with our network of artists, technologists and creative producers, we facilitate inter-disciplinary engagements with commissioning organisations, institutes and festivals. Our projects - cultural or commercial, are realised in Asia, Europe and between. 

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Cultural Creative Strategy ︎ Curation ︎ Art Programming ︎ Concept Development ︎ Building Story Universes ︎ Audience Immersion ︎ Brand Positioning ︎ Communications Strategy ︎ Artist Network ︎ Resource Sharing ︎ Creative Project Management ︎ Co-creation ︎